Pathways Africa 2020

WildCRU members, Amy Dickman and Alayne Cotterill, are two of six founding members of The Pride Lion Conservation Alliance – an alliance of carnivore conservation organisation leaders developed to demonstrate an innovative, non-competitive conservation model. Based on the success of this model for improving the impact and resilience of their own work, Pride are hosting a conference to showcase this way of working to a wider audience.

The theme for the conference is “Open the Door to Diverse Voices” and it promises to be a great event for anyone who is interested in supporting and promoting diverse voices in African wildlife conservation and practice.

“As Pride, we believe that we need to do conservation differently and we hope that this International Conference, held on African soil, will provide an opportunity for African researchers and conservation practitioners to come together to learn, share, and listen.”

Pathways Africa 2020 will be held 16th– 19th February 2020 at Brackenhurst Conference Center in Limuru, Kenya.