Lion Landscapes – Joining Forces

Over the past year we have been collaborating with Lion Landscapes and standardising our approaches to make an even greater impact. Founded by Alayne Cotterill, Lion Landscapes works in Kenya and Zambia, and our collaboration seeks to find the most scalable tools across our sites.

We are now formalising our partnership and merging Ruaha Carnivore Project and Lion Landscapes to form a new, combined organisation which will use the name Lion Landscapes. The organisation will include all the existing programmes from both organisations, and all RCP’s activities in Ruaha and Selous will continue as projects underneath this larger umbrella.

It is important to remember that our focus is not just on lions – the species is used as a flagship in landscapes where intact biodiversity is maintained through to the top predators, including cheetah, leopard, spotted hyaena and African wild dog.

Dr Amy Dickman and Dr Alayne Cotterill, who are also both founding members of Pride Lion Conservation Alliance, will be Joint CEOs of the newly merged organisation which has NGO status in the UK. We wish them roaring success.