Hoboken Lecture December 2019

Project director Amy Dickman was invited to speak at the prestigious 9th Hoboken Lecture in Rotterdam. These lectures were launched in 2011, by the Natural History Museum Rotterdam (Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam), the British Council and the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences. Each year, an outstanding British scientist is invited to address a wide audience, including students, academics, entrepreneurs and professionals. The Hoboken Lectures demonstrate the role scientific research and cultural activities play in understanding modern society and reposition the debate where it firmly belongs, in the public sphere of engaged and committed citizens. The audience has plenty of opportunity to respond to the speaker and contribute to the discussion. The Hoboken Lecture is now in its 9th year and previous speakers were Lord Rees, Professor Richard Fortey, Professor Chris Stringer, Professor Michael Benton, Dr Turi King, Professor Dave Goulson, Professor Jane Francis and Professor Charles Foster.

Photo credit: Marten van Dijl