Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 at the OUMNH

On 8 March Project Director Dr Amy Dickman will give an evening lecture at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, highlighting the essential, driving role that women have played in the conservation of lions and other large carnivores in communities across Africa. In her talk, Wildlife, Warriors and Women, Amy will discuss her work within the dedicated group of female scientists that make up the Pride Lion Alliance https://pridelionalliance.org. Book now for this interactive free event at https://oumnh.ox.ac.uk/events.

Founded in 1860 as the centre of scientific study at the University of Oxford, the OUMNH’s particular focus this year is on raising awareness of the current biodiversity and climate crises and promoting equity in science. Their public lecture programme attracts audiences from around the world using the Webinar Jam system, which has allowed speakers to talk from wherever they are based on the planet.

Oxford University Museum of Natural History – YouTube