Stephano Asecheka

Stefano is Ruaha Carnivore Project’s Lion Defender community liason officer. He is one of the earliest members of our Lion Defender team and plays a critical role in communciating RCPs mission to the larger community. He is from the Barabaig tribe. Stefano is 38 years old and is married with two wifes and nine children. He originally comes from Singida Region but has lived in the area for many years.

“I was approached by RCP in 2012 when they were looking for a Barabaig community member to help them share their message with the community. I met with the director from the Lion Guardian program in Kenya, as well as with the director of Ruaha Carnivore Project and I decided it was a good opportunity. I understand the way of life for our people but also know that we must adapt to the times.”

“I really enjoy my work with the community though we have challenges. Many of the Barabaig youth do not have so many opportunities and then they think they have to hunt or spear to get recognition. We try to work with them to show them there is an alternative but it remains a challenge”.

“I think RCP will continue and have great success but it will take continued hard work and efforts to work with the Barabaig in this area. I am proud to be a member fo the RCP team and serve my community as well”.