Samora Tomas

Samora is one of the Maasai morans (warrior) who has been working with the project since 2013. He has one wife and he is working at “Zone E –Kitumbuka” side which covers one side of Malinzanga, Mwira and Hala. He was born in Mafuruto which is not far from where he is residing. According to Samora the Maasai society are not that traditional in lion hunts, unless there is an attack on their livestock from which they will organize a retaliatory lion hunt or set poison to the carcasses for the purpose of killing the lion.

“I never been to lion hunt but I remember one day I poisoned a cow carcass and the next night the lions came and consumed the carcass. I am not sure whether I had killed any but am sure that the lions came back and consumed all the poisoned carcass,” insisted Samora. “I never thought that it is possible for the carnivores to coexist with the pastoralist but through RCP and Lion Defenders I realized that it is possible although there are always  challenges,” he added.

He also added that before he joined the project he liked very much to see lions with their exception of their behaviors of attacking their livestock. “I love lions but I don’t want to see them attacking the livestock which we depend on for all essential needs it is very painful to lose a cow for the Maasai. We need to keep working to protect our community and wildlife”.