Kitilu Lesso

Kitilu is one of the Maasai morans (warrior) who has been working with the project since 2016. He works “Zone G- Mafuruto” which covers the northernmost section of our work area. He is 30 years old and married with one wife and two children.

Kitilu joined the Lion Defenders after realizing there was a major role for them to playin the community. “I think our job is important because we are the protectors of the livestock. It is very valuable for people in our area to have their livestock and we often feel threatened by some of the wildlife. We need to help them by reinforcing their bomas, letting them know when lions are around, and helping to protect them”.

“I initially thought it wouldn’t be possible to do this kind of work because of the attitudes that are traditional. But now things are changing and people are seeing the value of wildlife while also knowing they can protect their livestock. I am proud to be a Lion Defender and hope we can continue to achieve great things”.