Kitchen Ladies

No camp is complete without a good kitchen, and at the RCP the ladies xx xxx and friendly efficient, and considering their simple tools, serve up the most delicious and nutritious meals of beans, rice, tomatoe and onion salad, eggs, baked bread, eggs, excellent local Tanzanian tea, ugali (porridge), eggs, and other foodstuffs (when available).

The Southern Highlands are the food basket of Tanzania ansd the markets are filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables such as avocados, mangoes, pineapples, granadillas, tomatoes, onions and small local potatoes and other tubers.

Cooking takes place in the central kitchen/canteen area with 3 meals cooked in large pots oven open fires. Occasionally there is a shiree (celebration) and then meat – generally goat – is roasted over an open fire and served with traditional delicacies such as….

Photo: Women at the wash up area and in the kitchen.